Review Policy

Thank you for visiting Tween Book Reviews. As the title indicates, we are a book review site that focuses primarily on quality books for children. Please feel free to look around to find a book that is for your taste.

Review policy

Tween Book Reviews website reviews a variety of titles and is able to accept books from traditional presses as well as books created through the means of indie presses.

However, we require that our books do not contain swear language, sex, taboo scenes or excessive language.

We review books targeted towards the tween audience (children ages 10-13) and while we will consider a variety of genres, we do not accept romance of any kind.

We prefer that we not receive spam emails so if you believe that your book would suit our audience, please leave a comment on this post that states your email address. We will reply as quickly as possible and we apologize ahead of time for any inconvenience.

Thank you for considering Tween Books Reviews,

May Cory.

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