Book review: The Mother-Daughter Book club

Book Review:  The Mother-Daughter Book Club

Author- Heather Vogel Frederick

About the book- 4 girls. 1 book club. A whole lot of problems. It began with the mothers. It always did. But this time, the idea was much, much worse. At least if you didn’t ask Emma. The mother-Daughter Book Club is the story of four girls, each different and their first year of junior high. Together they learn how to put aside their differences and losses and unite to deal with the bigger issues in their lives. All through this, they cannot help but wonder, what would Jo March do?

My review: Forget boys, it’s clear that mothers are the oddest group in the world. After all, we cook and clean and at the end of the day, go hide in our evil lairs (AKA. Bedrooms) and begin to plot the tortures that we are going to put are children through the next day. I bet that’s where the Mother-daughter book club idea came from.

I don’t usually read realistic fiction. Most of it for tweens these days seems to be all about crushing on boys and rebelling against the parents. But for some reason, the title of this book caught my eye and I picked it up and began to read. That was possibly the best thing I’ve ever done.

Sure, this book includes boys but instead of being lightheaded weaklings every time that boys are around, Megan, Emma, Cassidy and Jessica are independent and strong-willed girls with minds of their own.

To begin with, every girl is unique. Cassidy thinks boys should just be friends and is shooting towards being the first woman to play for the Boston Bruins, Jess is considering being a singing mathematician who lives on a farm, Megan’s working on her fashion line while trying to avoid her mother’s desire for her to be an environmental lawyer while Emma, well, Emma just wants to read.

But perhaps mothers aren’t so wonky because the mother-daughter book club seems to be bumping along the road of sixth grade. From standing up to mean friends to making their dreams come true, the mother-daughter book club has a tough road up ahead.

Want to read the Mother-daughter Book Club? Find it here on amazon.


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